Photography: Kelly Alexandre

Studio Lilesadi was founded in 2012 in Rotterdam by the creative duo of German textile designer Dinah Smutny and her sister Sarah Smutny.

“The name Lilesadi stands for our names, Dinah Lisa and Sarah Lena. We like the Scandinavian sound of it with a hint of Japanese. We believe that the name represents very well our signature.”

Creating original textiles, fresh wallpapers and interior products the creative duo aims to brighten up people’s lives by bringing minimalism and poetry into their homes.

Their mission is to create high quality designs which are affordable for people who like well crafted design pieces. The studio stands for delicate and minimalist textile and product design with graphic details. They like to play with soft shades, gradients and a lot of black and white.

“We love to combine soft with hard, fine with bold. We find inspiration in architecture, particularly in Rotterdam with its contrasts between graphic lines and rough textures.”

The studio mainly works with textile design. They lately started to explore as well the possibilities of other materials such as ceramics, glass and wood.

Lilesadi places a strong focus on collaborations with international design brands and companies. They recently collaborated with Puik Art, Textile Museum, Photowall Sweden, Bershka and Studio Rafaele Rohn.

For Lilesadi craftsmanship is essential to create timeless, high quality pieces. They work closely with artisans and small businesses in the Netherlands. All LileSadi interior textiles are sewn by the Dutch social enterprise MadeinHavens. For their blanket LileSadi collaborated with the famous Textilelab in Tilburg.

The work of Lilesadi is exhibited at international fairs and sold in design stores worldwide.

View 2017 Catalogue 

Lilesadi 2017 Catalogue


Studio Lilesadi
Delftseplein 36
3013AA Rotterdam

Phone: +31 644 399364 / +31 683906242
E-Mail: hello@lilesadi.com


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