Wallpaper BLOOMING

Our ‘Blooming Forest’ wallpaper is designed for Photowall from Sweden. Blooming Forest draws inspiration from a day in the forest. Light falls through the trees and illuminates the flowers and the grass, creating shadows. Beautiful ephemeral ornaments emerge.

Order the wallpaper in pre-cut lengths to fit your wall at Photowall.com.

Request a free sample

To order a free sample please send us an email to hello@lilesadi.com .

Wallpaper Standard €37/m2
Made of non-woven material, which is both stable and durable.

Wallpaper Premium €40/m2
Made of non-woven material. A further layer has been added which makes the material scratch-resistant, wipe clean and non-reflective.


Free Shipping from 150 Euro; Delivery within 5 working days

Wallpaper BLOOMING

 37.00 40.00


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