One sunny day

Last Wednesday was extraordinary sunny and we want to share our day with you all.

We had a meeting with Siebring and Zoetmulder in the morning to discuss our collaboration project for the Salone in Milan, but we couldn’t resist it and asked them to come outside. Then, in the middle of the meeting, we found out that the rooftop café at Schieblock was already opened… So we run all the way up to the last floor of the building and… oh wow! The views and the sun were just incredible. Every wednesday the collective prepares a really nice lunch with the vegetables from the rooftop garden.

After some intense working hours at the studio, we were ready for our Lilesadi team dinner at Dinah’s house. Since Playtime, we were already waiting for a nice evening together and the time had arrived. We just had one bike so we crossed all Rotterdam by foot. I must admit that even it was pretty tiring, it really worth it, as we got to appreciate the sunset at the Erasmus bridge and the night lights at the harbour.

Finally, once at home, Dinah and Sarah cooked a truly delicious Lasagna and I made a fresh salad. Marjaana and Yelle brought some nice wine and we enjoyed a very nice dinner altogether.


I hope you can all get the good vibes from our day,

and please forgive me for the weird video format, I understood after recording it that you should keep your phone horizontal…


Ane Baztarrika