Folding techniques for designers

I started my love affair with folding paper when I participated on a workshop about Origami Tessellation with the artist Tine De Ruysser.

There we learned how to fold a single sheet of paper to create a tessellated pattern based on geometric shapes, mainly square and triangles. De Ruysser makes very interesting jewellery pieces but also functional objects with folded materials. I specially loved her mix of hard materials as wood or metal with soft fabrics.



 Detail of her shoulder cape design


Metamorphosis I made by plywood and polyester.


I was very intrigued by how I could apply it into my work and I bought the book “Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form” by Paul Jackson. It really opened my views of what folding can bring to design, with a simple sheet of paper or other flat materials you can create an infinite amount of shapes, volumes or textures. 

This book covers not only origami but also over 70 folding techniques explained by clear step-by-step drawings, crease-pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography.


You can see a video here

Folding Techniques for Designers by Paul Jackson

And for even more paper folding expertise, take a look at some of the author’s favourite sites and blogs:

I have just started exploring its possibilities and I really encourage you to experiment with it!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ane Baztarrika