LileSADi for Bershka B.Y.D.P

Each summer season Bershka is looking for young, talented designers to showcase their designs as Bershka window displays. For the fifth edition of the B.Y.D.P Bershka asked us and we have teamed up with design studio Siebring & Zoetmulder from Rotterdam.

In the windows you can see a collage of patterns LileSadi combined with our furniture. Of course, the Gems Daily shows also in shop windows, this wall cabinet is designed jointly. The Daily Gems wall shelving is besides its functionality also a stage for a wonderful collage – or rather: a tangible and material still life.



It was a fantastic experience when the team of Bershka came to visit us in our studios in Rotterdam, to meet and interview us personally. We had the possibility to tell more about our project, about our city and the collaboration. Do not miss the movie about us and dive into our Dutch creative spirit!