Home Envy: Maria and Alex in the Netherlands


As my dear friend Maria and I have both small kids and a lot of common interests we hang out a lot lately. She is also a fan of our work and she has quite some of our cushions in her house as you can see on the pictures. Together with her boyfriend Alex Jager from JagerJanssen Architecten and their cute son Daniel she lives in a stunning house in Rotterdam.

I am always admiring their place and the neat architectural style (quite logical indeed) paired with quirky details.

Each time when I come to her I say ‘WOW’ to the free standing Bulthaupt kitchen block and WOW to the incredibly high metal MetalSec book shelf filled with design books.. and WOW to the neat leather couch (although I normally do not fall for leather couches so much) and WOW to the custom made wooden lamp by Wouter Roeterink above the dining table.  So I asked her if it was ok to take some pictures to share their beautiful home with you.

“Of course” she said, “I am more than happy to inspire more design addicts with our home”… and here you go…

home-envy_1 home-envy_2 home-envy_3 home-envy_4 home-envy_5 home-envy_6 home-envy_7 home-envy_8