Hidden Treasures

Rotterdam is a city which has a raw industrial look.

On the second view  it reveals his  special charm by spreading hidden structures and poetic places all over the city. I made a selection of things around our studio which inspired me.

1 //  The Luchtsingel bridge  above our studio: the fallen leaves in autumn  created this dreamy  melancholic atmosphere contrasting with the bright industrial yellow and the rough architecture.

2 //  The Schieblok , home of our studio

3 // The building across the road is not such a beauty from the front side. But when walking over the Luchtsingel the side facade of the building reveals a beautiful pattern structure.

4//  Walking from the station towards the Schieblok is not such a spectacular tour. But one day I looked up and saw this beautiful house structure on top of the building, combined by a amazing cloudy sky.

5//  Burgertrut, a great Burger place in Rotterdam, combines old granny lamps and furniture with a industrial setting and again bright yellow.

LuchtsingelSchieblokAcross the roadHouse on TopBurgertrut