//DDW treasures #1

We saw so many beautiful and inspiring design, we hardly could make a choice. For this post we chose three designers whose work we really liked.

Studio Ineke van der Werff – Porcelain+

Porcelain+ is an investigation of the world beneath the glaze. Instead of hiding the clay under a thick layer of enemal, Ineke decided to expose the beauty of the material itself. By mixing unusual materials with porcelain, she created a whole new world of colors and structures.

The five-piece set is completely handmade and comes in different material mixes, using bronze, iron and recycled glass.

Studio Ineke van der Werff new collection

Marlies Schets  introduced her final project “SEEN”  at Eindhoven Design Academy during the DDW 2014.

She experimented with reflective yarns and designed various safety solutions when night falls. SEEN is a series of wearable’s made from a new kind of fabric. During the day you won’t notice the integrated reflective yarn, but when it catches artificial light, it shines back brightly. Safety and style combined so you will not be overseen.

Seen by Marlies Schets

Noelle Mulder – Treasure Island

Abstract landscapes changing over time by objects that come and go. Experience the delicate sensation of shaping and capturing traces in time. Everyday compositions emerge, until a reset handle wipes the slate clean and allows a fresh start.

Treasure Island from Noëlle Mulder on Vimeo.

We hope you liked our little selection.

Have a great day!